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2 Fallout Shelter Glitches to Earn Credits Easily & Avoid Wait Times

Psst – I’ve got a secret! I’m going to share you a simple glitch in Fallout Shelter that will let you earn more credits early in the game and teach you how to avoid wait times for tasks or exploring the wasteland. These tricks work on both the iOS and Android version, but take a bit of mastery to pull off.

I’ll start off by saying that if you really want unlimited lunch boxes and credits (and don’t mind cheating), you should just download our trainer. But, if you want to plain fair, you can use these tips for some quick caps and to speed up the game play. Please note that if you go this route, it’s going to take quite some time to amass credits to buy everything in the game. With that said, on to the glitches!

Glitch #1: Get Credits Easily in the Beginning of the Games

When you first start your vault, you are put into tutorial mode, which eliminates some of the risk that come with playing later in the game. This includes preventing raider attacks, easier leveling of characters, easier objectives (with less rewards of course) and a higher chance to earn lunch boxes.

The glitch is that tutorial mode has no set time limit and will last forever, so long as you don’t complete either of the following Fallout Shelter objectives:

  • Sell an item (outfit or weapon)
  • Equip a dweller with an outfit or weapon
As long as you don’t complete either of these question objectives, you will remain in tutorial mode indefinitely. Within this mode, you have a good chance of earning credits simply for rushing items, harvesting power or water or leveling up vault dwellers. If you do accidentally complete one of the objectives, don’t collect the reward for the objective (usually done by clicking on the completed icon). If you collect your reward, the tutorial mode will be ended and the difficulty will increase.

Using this method, you can earn a lot of cap credits and maybe even more lunchboxes. This method takes time and a lot of patience, as you won’t be able to equip dwellers with equipment and some buildings/items may not be accessed in tutorial mode.

Glitch #2: Skip Wait Times in Fallout Shelter

This one requires a bit more effort and might cause your game to crash when you next load it. It may also interfere with other apps on your phone, so ensure that you undo this step after you have skipped the wait time.

The glitch is basically you’re going to set the date on your phone to the future, so that when you next load up the game it will think that time has passed and will credit you for it.

You’ll need to go to your phone’s settings and change the clock setting manually to forward it a few hours ahead. If it’s 4:00AM, skip it to 8:00AM and start up Fallout Shelter again to have the game calculate all your earnings and activities.

You can send vault dwellers out into the wasteland and use this trick to collect neat resources. When you skip ahead four hours, they’ll probably be dead – so go back and revive them and clean up your vault (fires, clear notifications on babies, etc.). Then close it and repeat until you’re happy. Then close Fallout Shelter and set your time back to normal and start the game and everything should be back to normal.

So there you go – two helpful glitches in the game that can be used to earn free caps, lunchboxes and avoid the annoying delay that comes with sending dwellers into the wasteland. 

Let us know your tips and tricks and be sure to download our hack if you’re cool with cheating.
2 Fallout Shelter Glitches to Earn Credits Easily & Avoid Wait Times 2 Fallout Shelter Glitches to Earn Credits Easily & Avoid Wait Times Reviewed by Expert on Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Rating: 5

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