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Happy New Years (2017) from Fallout Shelter

On behalf of everyone who contributes to Fallout Shelter Cheats, we'd like to wish you a Happy, Safe and Successful New Year.

May 2017 be filled with lots of great swag, equipment and all the nuka and quantum cola you can digest.

Here's hoping there are more great updates to Fallout Shelter, which got us thinking about what we would like to see in future updates to the mobile and desktop game:

  • New super weapons - multi-nuke launchers, missiles, animals that attack or robot companions attached to a player that can attack an enemy
  • Customization of weapons - customize your weapons with things like lasers, change the weapon design or improve its effectiveness.
  • More security options - build sentries, turrets, lockable doors and other mechanics that let you fight off raiders and bugs.
  • More quests - it would be great to have some diversity in the type of quests and characters available. Maybe have a longer quest that allows us to repair a helicopter or car and then allow us to travel faster to missions or explore the wasteland.
Those are just a few we came up, what do you want Fallout Shelter to add in 2017?
Happy New Years (2017) from Fallout Shelter Happy New Years (2017) from Fallout Shelter Reviewed by Expert on Sunday, January 01, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. I know this might be a small thing but I would like to see some martial arts uniforms like a karate uniform or the samurai armor from fallout 3 along with the katana sword and the shiskebab

  2. Tradeing with other vaults and teaming up to do quests