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Fallout Shelter Xbox and Windows 10 Coming Soon - Cheats

In exciting news, Fallout Shelter will be released for Xbox consoles and Windows 10, introducing the game to a whole new spectrum of players. Microsoft announced yesterday that the mobile game first released for Google Android and Apple iOS in 2015 will now be available for Windows 10 and consoles.
The Xbox One version will provide controller support and Xbox Play Anywhere functionality, allowing Xbox One and Windows 10 machines to synchronize progress between the game so that gameplay is seamless.

Fallout Shelter was released for Microsoft Windows as a desktop game, but is now being ported to other Microsoft systems after a successful and profitable launch for Bethesda. With the game's in-game purchase system, Bethesda is surely making a nice tidy profit, with the game being played by users over 29 million hours collectively by users across the world.

No doubt the success and profitability of this game, I'm convinced Bethesda will soon release a version of Apple OSX desktop systems. The game developer has publicly announced it will release more mobile games based on the success of Fallout Shelter and profit potential from in-game purchases.

Fallout Shelter Cheats for Xbox One

It's inevitable that a new release on consoles will mean new cheat codes for Xbox One and Windows 10 machines. Fortunately, the Windows 10 code will be based on the same code used for the Windows version of the game, which means the same cheat codes and trainers will continue to work. The console version will require a bit of ingenuity - but since the game saves are synchronized, it means we can modify the values in the save game and have them transferred to the console version seamlessly. 

TL,DR: The same Fallout Shelter cheat codes that work for your Android/iPhone version will work for your console!
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