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When Fallout Shelter Goes Wild

If you've been Fallout Shelter for a while, you've most likely run into a bug or quirk in the game. Here are some of the funniest game bugs, quirks and all out strange occurrences within Fallout Shelter.

Planet of the Radroaches

If only we gave radroaches a chance, instead of just shooting at them. These friendly radroaches seem to have invaded a vault and even gone so far as helped themselves to a nukacola or beer. Another radroach looks to be taking inventory, while his friend levels up at the bar - all while a human dweller watches in fear.

Everything is Fine

Some people just want to watch the world burn, and this vault dweller is no exception. 

When the Babysitter means Pizza-man

This is starting to look a lot like the beginning of a porn film set in the wastelands of Fallout Shelter.

No 3 Dog, No Problem

What do you do when 3 Dog hasn't made a stop over to your vault? Simple, create your own - but it's not quite the same, so be sure to name him aptly - Two dog for now.

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