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Retro Video on How to Survive a Real Nuclear Weapon Fallout

In the early 1950s, the Civil Defense Film created a short instructional video on how to protect yourself in the event of an impending nuclear bomb. Their instructions were to “duck and cover”. Enjoy this 10-minute animated video starring Bert the Turtle.

The video outlines what to do should a nuclear weapon detonate on America.
There was a turtle by the name of Bert
and Bert the turtle was very alert;
when danger threatened him he never got hurt
he knew just what to do…
He’d duck!
And cover!
And cover! (male) He did what we all must learn to do
(male) You (female) And you (male) And you (deeper male) And you!’
Duck, and cover!’

Of course, Google’s captions are a bit off with the following:

I’m danger and maybe yeah had
in John lot better they’ve got
him and their them pap
and there he did what we are all mine
lawyer to you man yeah and you
new not and
in im be sure to remember what burt the turtle just did brands because everyone
must remember to do the same thing at with this film is all about
done and cover this is an official Civil Defence Pallam
produced in cooperation with the federal civil defense administration
and in consultation with the same decommission the National Education
produced by archer productions incorporated Hebert
pullout need all these nice people Lee alright
really can't blame you beauty bert is a very very careful fell
when there's danger this is the way each being hurt
sometimes it even saved his life
that's why these children a practicing to
duck and cover just as you do in your school we all know the atomic bomb
is very dangerous that may be used against us we must get ready for
just as we are ready for many other dangers that are around this all the
time fire is a danger
can burn whole building if someone is care
but we are ready for fire we have a fine fire department to put out the fire
and you have fire drills in your school so you know what to do
automobiles can be dangerous to they sometimes cause bad accident
but we already we have safety rules the car drivers and people were walking
must obey now we must be ready for a new danger
the atomic bomb first
you have to know what happens when an atomic bomb explodes you'll know when it
we hope it never comes but gonna get ready it looks something like that
there is a bright blacks brighter than the Sun brighter than anything you've
ever seen
if you're not ready did not know what to do
it could hurt you in different ways it could knock it down hard
or throw you against a tree you're a wall it is such a big explosion
again smashing buildings knock sign boards over
and broke windows all over town but if you're
doc and cover like burt will be much safer
you know how bad sunburn can peel
the atomic bomb place could burn you worse than a terrible sunburn
especially when you're not covered now you and I don't have shelled a crawl
into like burt the turtle so
we have to cover up in our own way first
your doc and then you cover and very tightly
you cover the back of your neck your face duck and cover
underneath the table or desk or anything else close by
and body school they're talking about the atomic bomb tool
that he is asking a teacher how can we tell
when the atomic bomb may explode and the teachers explaining that there are two
kind of attack
with a warning and without any warning we think that most of the time will be
warned before the bomb explodes
so there will be time for us to get into our home
schools or some other safe place our civil defense workers
nah man in Europe long will do everything they can
to warn us before enemy planes can bring a bar near
you may be in your school yard playing
when the signal couple the
signal means to stop whatever you're doing
and get to the nearest Safeway back always remember
by Sean atomic bomb can come at anytime
no matter where you may be you might be out playing at home when the warning
then it or two get into the house fire
by your parents have picked a safe place for you to go
if you are not close to home when you hear the warning
go to the nearest take cover
know where you are ago or ask an older person to help you
you know the place is marked with Asin there safe places to go
when you hear the alarm code if there is a warning
you will hear it before the bomb explodes but sometimes
and this is very very important sometimes the bomb might explode
without any warning then
the first thing we would know about it would be the flak and that means duck
and cover Fast wherever you are
there's no time to look around oh wait be like burt
when there is a flash doc and cover and do it fast
here are some older boys showing what to do
if the price comes when you are not in the classroom this is what to do
if you should be in a carter you duck and cover
pipe against the wall this way remember to keep your face
in the back of your neck covered tightly try to fall away from windows
our doors with glass in them and at the glass breaks and flies through the air
it will cut you you might be eating your lunch when the place comp
duck and cover under the table then
if the explosion make anything in the room fall down it can fall on you
getting ready means we will all have to be able to take care of ourselves
Obama might explode when there are no grownups near
paul and patty know this and they are always ready to take care of themselves
here they are on their way to school on a beautiful spring day
but no matter where they go up what they do they always try to remember what to
if the atom bomb explodes write them it's a bomb duck and cover
paul and patty know what to do all covered the back of his head
so that he wouldn't be burned and Patty covered herself with the coach she was
they knew how to doc and cover they acted right away when the flash game
if they had been at this doorway when the bomb placed
paul and patty would have ducked and covered this way like this girl
headed our way there a good place to duck and cover
she will be safer to whose Tony going to his Cub Scout meeting
Tonino the bomb can explode any time of the year day or night
is ready for it that can cover atta boy tony that place means
act fast Tony know that it helps to get to any kind of cover
this wall was close by so thats wat ducked and covered
tony knew what to do notice how he keeps removing more from getting up and
he stays down until you sure the danger is over
a man helping Tony is a civil defense workers
his job is to help protect us when there is danger at the atomic bomb
we must obey civil defense worker we must know how to
duck and cover in a school bus or in any other bus
streetcar that can cover don't wait
back away from the windows cracked a glass may break and fly through the air
and cut you
Sundays holidays vacation time
we must be ready every day all the time
to do the right thing at the atomic bomb explodes doc can cover
this family knows what to do just as your own family should they know that
even a pink wall helps protect them even a newspaper can save you from a bad burn
but the most important thing of all is good doc and cover yourself
especially when you're close do not cover you no matter where we live
in the city or the country we must be ready all the time
for the atomic bomb that can cover that's the first thing to do
doc uncover the next important thing to do after that
is to stay covered until the danger is over
yes we must all get ready now
so we know how to save ourselves at the atomic bomb never exploded near a
if you do not know just what to do
ask your teacher when this film is over discuss what you could do
in different places a bomb explodes older people will help us as we always
but there might not be any grown-ups around when the bomb explodes then
you're on your own remember what to do
friend coming right out loud what are you supposed to do when using the bank
him and in
doc from and not
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