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Build Weapons and Outfits in Fallout Shelter 1.4 Update

The latest update to version 1.4 of Fallout Shelter introduces a lot of new concepts to the game, namely crafting outfits and weapons. With the new 1.4 update, any vault dwellers that you send in to the wasteland have a chance of bringing back junk that can be used to craft new weapons and outfits within your workshop rooms. Additionally, Raiders will occasionally leave behind recipes when killed that can be used to craft new weapons/costumes/outfits. You can even craft rare and legendary items, which helps balance the game for those who don’t want to buy upgrades with real money.

Constructing Unique and Legendary Weapons

Before you can craft weapons/outfits in Fallout Shelter, you will need to construct weapons workshop or outfit/armor workshop. These rooms will be unlocked once you make the update, provided that you have at least 32 dwellers for the outfit workshop and 22 dwellers for the weapons workshop.

Fallout Shelter Weapon Crafting

This vault’s Overseer has no problem with pregnant dwellers working in the weapons factory.

Once you’ve built the workshop, you can assign vault dwellers to the room. You will also unlock Piper’s shotgun, and a few other recipes are given to you to start off with. To build legendary or rare items, you need to upgrade the rooms. Upgrading the weapon or outfit workshop requires at least 45 vault dwellers. There’s a big list of items that you can create off the bat, such as standard shotguns and scoped rifles, and of course piper’s gun. However, each gun requires different junk items, such as a clock or tin cans, and you will need to send vault dwellers out the wasteland to retrieve these items, which is based purely on chance.

You can also get more recipes by sending your vault dwellers into the wasteland, which is risky, but the quickest way to get more weapons since Raiders have a relatively low drop rate.
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