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4 Tips to Survive Fallout Shelter Quests Like a Wasteland Warrior

Surviving in the Wasteland is hard enough in Fallout Shelter, let alone taking on quests and missions with the game's recent updates. If you want to survive the many quests provided within the game, you need to ensure you plan properly and equip your characters with the right gear. This guide will walk you through the best ways to beat Fallout Shelter quests and grab some great loot at the same time.


Tip #1: Load your vault dwellers with stimpaks and radaway

When sending vault dwellers on a quest, make sure you load them up with as many stimpaks and radaways as you can afford. On the higher level quests, you should give each dweller at least 10+ each of both stimpaks and radaways in order to survive. Sure your dwellers will likely come across more stimpaks and radaways as they proceed through the mission, but the game scatters them throughout floors you might not get them when you really need them.


All of your stimpaks and radaways get returned to your vault when you safely return back from a quest, so rest assured that you aren't losing anything.


Tip #2: Check every room for hidden secrets and resources

As you proceed through a quest, you will come across rooms that have objects that are glowing. Clicking on these objects reveal special prizes, such as loot, resources and sometimes special legendary/rare equipment. At later portions of quests, these resources might not be as obvious or shine as brightly - so pay attention to each room to see if there's anything hidden that might have a slight glow.

 You can usually find a few radaways and  stimpaks buried in a cabinet or vault in some rooms.


Tip #3: Be quick and use dead-shot / damage multipliers when available

If a battle goes on for nearly a minute, there's a good chance that you will be given the chance to apply a damage multiplier. You'll notice a checkmark next to their name and a quick beep will be played. Quickly click on the checkmark, as there is a time limit on how long it will be available.

Clicking the checkmark will display a moving target that when clicked will apply critical damage to your enemy/opponent. The closer you can get the target to the middle, the higher the damage applied. The trick is to click when the target is on the far edges, not when it's in the middle - since there's a delay between when you click and where the target it.


Tip #4: Change your Fallout Shelter vault dwellers equipment and weapons

During a mission, you can change your vault dwellers clothing and weapons based on what you have on hand (between characters and based on what you've collected during the mission). Sometimes you'll find a rare or legendary costume or weapon during the quest. Don't wait until you get back, immediately equip your weaker characters with this gear to give them an advantage during the mission.

Those are just a few of the tips we use, share yours in the comments below!
4 Tips to Survive Fallout Shelter Quests Like a Wasteland Warrior 4 Tips to Survive Fallout Shelter Quests Like a Wasteland Warrior Reviewed by Expert on Sunday, December 04, 2016 Rating: 5

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