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The 3 Most Annoying Parts of Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is both addictive and hair-pulling inducing at times. As you progress through the higher levels, you'll find yourself attacked by high powered radroaches and monstrous deathclaws that travel in packs ripping apart every dweller they come across.With no further discussion, here are the biggest annoyances we have with Fallout Shelter.

Annoyance #1: Multi-tasking across rooms

One of the most frustrating parts of the game is having to micro manage multiple rooms. As you build your base, you'll succumb to base sprawl -  basically your rooms will be so spread out across the map that you will find collecting caps requires manual intervention, regardless of how many MR Handys you might have in your vault.

Your game play might look a little something like this in the later portions of the game:

Annoyance #2: Baby Over Population

If you don't watch carefully over your vault dwellers, you might find them exploring your vault. Far too often, I've found my vault dwellers return to the barracks after having come back from the wasteland or a quest mission. If you're not quick to re-assign them to a task, you could end up with a bunch of a dwellers who have nothing better to do than to repopulate your vault with bouncing inbred babies.

The overpopulation of your vault can be disastrous, as children in the game consume resources and can't be kicked out until they've become adults - thankfully that's only a few hours of waiting in-game.

Annoyance #3: Waiting for Things to Complete

Once you complete all the tasks and have rushed all your rooms, you're basically stuck waiting for things to happen. There's really no reason why some of the delays in the game require hours of waiting, other than for Bethedsa to sell credits and game boosters to make profits from impatient gamers.

Idling your game or just waiting leave you with time to basically do nothing. One of the most annoying challenges of the game is having a few free minutes to play it and then having to wait hours to proceed in the game - usually by this point I'm doing something important and don't have time to rescue or deal with my dwellers who are battling a deathclaw invasion or masked raiders. 

Those are our annoyances, what annoys you most about Fallout Shelter?
The 3 Most Annoying Parts of Fallout Shelter The 3 Most Annoying Parts of Fallout Shelter Reviewed by Expert on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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  1. my worst annoying senario in fallout shelter is their mod,if they didnt happy,so am i