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6 Funny Events that Happened in Fallout Shelter

The wasteland in the Fallout series can be a strange place, even more bizarre are the vaults scattered across America. In this post, we look at some of the weird an unusual quirks of Fallout Shelter that make the game all the more special and funny.

1. Never Sneak Up on an Armed Vault Dweller

We see the deadly consequences when a child vault dweller sneaks up on a scientist within the vault. This bizarre bug caused a Vault dweller to accidentally discharge his weapon on a kid after the vault suffered from a power outage. Make sure you have back up power rooms to compensate for this.

2. When Your Father and Mother are the Same

Is it a time travel paradox, a secret science experiment from Vaultec or just a bug in the Xbox version of Fallout Shelter?

Possibly all three, as Baby Gary only has one parent!

3. Once a Slave, Always a Slave

Found in the Fallout wasteland log is the story of a runaway slave that was injured. A vault dweller helped them and then proceeded to hung them. Well no one said the wasteland was a friendly or humane place.

4. Tunnel Snakes Forever

Butch the parrot is a pet that can accompany one of your vault dwellers. While he speaks many words, he only will say "Tunnel Snakes rule" implying that he was raised by the Capital Wasteland's Tunnel Snakes - a gang found in vault 111 in Washington DC (Fallout 3).

Unfortunately, there's no game audio for this - so you'll just have to play this on loop.

5. Being a Parent is Depressing

Life in the wasteland is difficult, being a parent makes it even tougher. These once happy vault dwellers look down right depressed after having their kid - as seen in the German version of Fallout Shelter for Steam PC.

6. Jason Voorhies is a Alive and in Love

I guess it's safe to say that Jason Voorhies of Friday the 13th fame managed to survive in the apocalyptic horrors of the wasteland. More - he's now fallen in love in the vault. If you stop playing for a while and come back and all your dwellers are dead, you'll know who's to blame.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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