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Fallout Shelter has over 100 Million Players

Bethesda’ has announced that as of June 2017, Fallout Shelter has now surpassed 100 million players to its free-to-play Fallout Shelter game, which is available for PC (Steam & Windows), smartphones/tablets (Android and Apple) and consoles (Xbox and PSN -rumored). 

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The game has paid upgrades and purchases, making it hugely profitable for Bethesda - even encouraging them to make more mobile games for other IP franchises (Skyrim or Doom?).

Bethesda has committed to adding more content to the game and announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that it would have more exciting features and upgrades to announce in mid-2017.

No doubt the biggest source of revenue has been in users purchasing Vault lunchboxes and loot crates to expand the power of their Fallout Shelter.

Of course, it's not necessary to buy any paid upgrades, and the game can be played entirely for free - either playing regularly and aggressively sending your vault dwellers to find new legendary loot, which requires much time and commitment. 

Alternatively, players on PC, Xbox, Android and Apple can unlock paid upgrades by running simple tools that update the game's save files to provide unlimited caps, give legendary weapons and content that would normally only be accessible if paid for - such as pets, strong armor and even unlock legendary vault dwellers like Preston Harvey (Fallout 4), 3 Dog and other characters not normally available. Learn more about these cheats.

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