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Increase the Population of Your Vault Quickly with these 2 Methods

Hey there vault-dwellers! I’m going to share a way to increase the population of your vault quickly!

Method 1: Whoever’s Free and Willing

  • Step 1: Scout your vault for any men and women who are on a coffee break.
  • Step 2: If you fill your rooms to capacity, find the least product person in the room (this is the person with the lowest skill required by the room, so if in the power room look for someone with a low “P” or “S” skill).
  • Step 3: Assign these vault dwellers into the living quarters/lounge and check in on them every 3 minutes. You should see them talking to each other and then eventually flirting with each other.
  • Step 4: Because the lounge areas have limited space, you will need to check in on the living quarters/lounge and whenever a women gets pregnant, take her out of the room and place her back in a job (whichever room appeals to her skills).

Method 2: The Don Juan Method

  • Step 1: Go through all the males in your vault and find the ones with the highest “C” skillset. Take them and place them in your Fallout Shelter’s living quarters.
  • Step 2 (optional): Now create a list of all the women in your shelter and where they work. I like to do this because my memory sucks and it helps me figure out where I should place everyone once I’m done.
  • Step 3: Move a few woman into the living quarters so that they will get pregnant.
  • Step 4: Once a woman is pregnant, put them back to the job/room they were in before. Switch in another woman.
  • Step 5: Do this for all the women in your vault and you won’t have to worry about getting new people to replace others.
  • Step 6: This method works because the men with the highest “C” are quicker at impregnating women. The gestation rate is also quicker, but that’s just my hunch and not proven yet.
Once you have a growing population, you will have to figure out how to to feed them all – one way is to send out the stragglers in your vault into the wasteland so that they can just be used to find goods and materials without having to worry about the resources needed to keep them alive. If they come across good stuff, you can always pay the credits to revive them – otherwise let them be in the wasteland.
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