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9 Fallout Shelter Tricks and Cheats to Improve Your Vault

You’ve started playing Fallout Shelter, but you’ve probably encountered some difficulty between the raiders and losing vault dwellers when they head out to the wasteland on missions. To help you out, here are 9 Fallout Shelter tutorials and tricks to get you through the game.

9. Upgrade the health/strength of your door ASAP

Gather up as many bottle cap credits as you can earlier in the game so that you can upgrade your vault door. This will help to keep raiders out at an early stage, who can easily wipe out your dwellers and their hard work. You’ll save a lot by buying and focusing on this early on in the game.

8. Get the strong vault dwellers to protect the weak

If you’re a repeat victim of raiders, you should assign your stronger vault dwellers to work in the rooms/buildings nearest to the entrance and the weaker ones further inside. This will make sure that your stronger vault members will fight off the raiders earlier and your weaker dwellers will have a better chance of surviving.

7. Give birth to as many babies as possible

You can never have too many vault dwellers, at least not at this stage. So whenever you get a chance, pair up dwellers and encourage them to have children. It takes about four hours to have a kid, so in the meanwhile be sure to prepare for the next few mouths to feed by sending existing dwellers to work for more resources or collect what they can. Pregnant dwellers can’t help out with disasters, so make sure you have some dwellers who can fight off raiders.

6. Rush the creation of new rooms and buildings when the incident rate is low

Fallout Shelter lets you rush buildings to speed up the time it takes to produce them. Do this successfully, and you’re rewarded with additional cap credits. Fail at this and you’ll end up with a random disaster or crisis. To master the art of rushing production in Fallout Shelter, simply look at the incident rate when rushing. A lower incident rate means that there is less risk in rushing that building or production. If a building has a low incident rate, rush the construction of it.

5. Revive vault dwellers when they die

Eventually, one of your vault dwellers is going to die. Whether it’s from a raider attack or a radroach infestation or while they’re out exploring the wasteland. Fortunately, you can spend  your bottle cap credits to revive a dead dweller. But, you’ll need to figure out which ones are worth doing this for (e.g., do they have unique skills, high level, unique items, important to your vault).

Some general tips in reviving:

  • Revive dwellers that explore the wasteland
  • Revive stronger dwellers who can help protect the vault, over the weaker one

4. Complete the quests and achievements for extra credits and unique lunch boxes

Want more credits? Review and play the in-game quests to win achievements. Once you do you’ll gain bottle caps and lunch boxes easily. Both of these items are difficult to gain, but by completing the challenges and increasing your resource supply, you can handle more tasks. After completing achievements, you will be gifted lunch boxes and bottle cap credits, so do as many as you can. The more lunch boxes you get, the more powerful dwellers you will have and also get access to new weapons, defensive gear and more.

3. Recall your vault dwellers after they have successfully looted the wasteland or when their health is dangerously low

Monitor vault dwellers that are exploring the wasteland and recall them back to the vault when their health gets low or after they’ve found some loot. If you’re not monitoring them, you risk losing great and useful loot that might get lost in the wasteland if they die out in the wasteland.

2. Make sure exploring vault dwellers are prepared for the wasteland and well equipped

Send out your strongest dweller and equip them with firearms and protective gear. Ensure you equip them with lots of RadAway (to protect them from radiation) and Stimpaks (to heal themselves). After a while of playing, you’ll have the opportunity to build rooms within your vault that can store weapons and other buildings that create stimpaks and radaway. Once you have those industries up and running, you’re all prepared to get your vault dwellers ready for the wastelands.

1. Keep everyone employed and eliminate all coffee breaks

You can monitor your vault dwellers and sort them in a number of ways. One way is by profession/status – and if you see any dweller who’s status is “taking a coffee break”, it means that they are unemployed. Unemployed dwellers are just eating up resources and really not serving any value to your vault. Assign them a role and make sure they’re contributing to the safety and well-running health of your Fallout Shelter vault.
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