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Fallout Shelter Celebrates 5 Years with Game Giveaways

How to get Fallout Shelter 5th Anniversary Giveaways
After a long silence, Bethesda has opened the vault to announce the launch of a new To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Fallout Shelter released on Android and iOS nearly 5 years ago, in alignment with Fallout 4, the game creators are giving away massive prizes for any users logged in to the game during the promotion period.

From June 15-19, Bethesda free in-game prizes and clothes, cosmetic decorations, and elite armor and weapons. Every day users can log in to the game to claim a free random prize to celebrate five years of nuclear apocalyptic madness.

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The Fallout Shelter team put together a really nice infographic of statistics from over five years of everyone's vault experiments on Steam, Android, iOS, Xbox and Playstation.

In summary:
  • 1,406,518,988 babies born in-game (that's over 1 billion vault dwellers born into the wasteland since the game started)
  • 192,151,532 vaults created (I guess vault tec was busy)
  • 1,208,946,918 hours of Fallout Shelter played in-game on total (that excludes time people play offline likely)
  • 467,381,987 quests completed 
  • 116,706,558 dwellers levelled to 50 (the max character stats level)
  • 454,707,234 dwellers died exploring the wasteland
  • 248,345,879 pets adopted in-game (if only that was true in the real world :( )
  • 246,922,824 deathclaw attacks - those guys are mean
  • 303,338,222 cappy and bottle visits to vaults - special cameos from the Nukacola fallout DLC
  • 6,612,569 number of vaults at the 200 max occupancy
  • 27,706,064 nuka-cola bottler rooms built
  • 4,588,123,634 mysterious stranger visits - remember when the mystery audio plays, find the stranger & click on him to get extra rewards like nukacaps
  • 1,319,415,819 rad roach infestations 

I'd love to see how much total money people have wasted spent buying loot crates, armor and other upgrades. But, I don't think Bethesda is willing to show that number. I also wish I could quantify how much money we've saved through free hacks and cheat code trainers for the community - dare I say 1 billion?

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