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3 Incredible Secrets to Surviving a Deathclaws Without Losing Your Dwellers

Dealing with Deathclaws in Fallout shelter
Play Fallout Shelter long enough and you will eventually get to a level where you are attacked regularly by ultra-powerful Deathclaws, which have the ability to tear your base to shreds. Deathclaws can navigate around your shelter and easily jump down elevators to reach lower floors.

Thankfully, here are a few tips on how to keep your base secure and how to survive a deathclaw attack with minimal or no losses on your part.

Tip #1: Plan Your Base

Try to plan your base so that the first floor has a room that can house as many vault dwellers as possible. Power rooms can give you an edge, as building enough of them early in the game will allow you to house up to 6 dwellers in one room. This means that you will be able to attack with up to 6 dwellers rather than two or four at a time. This can be extremely helpful, especially as you stack it with some of the other tips you’ll read in this article.

Tip #2: Arm Your Level 1 Dwellers with the Best Armor and Weapons

Army the vault dwellers on your first floor with the best weapons and armor as the will be your front line soldiers and can do a lot of damage before deathclaws get any further into your vault. Be sure to also level up your vault dwellers in these rooms to the highest luck, strength and power capabilities to keep them at the peak of their game.

Tip #3: Mr. Handy is Very Handy

Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight – unless you want to win. Get a Mr. Handy, a helpful robot that will normally collect your power-ups/energy from rooms on a floor. Mr. Handy is also really powerful against raiders and Deathclaws, as he shoots a giant flame or spinning razor that will tear away at their armor.

Mr. Handy also doesn’t count as a real vault dweller, which means if he dies it won’t count as a vault dweller death and he can be restored back to life for a mere $2,000 caps.

With these tips, you should be able to stage an effective attack against any deathclaw intruders – it won’t be easy, but with enough medpacks and some quick thinking, you can survive a deathclaw attack!

3 Incredible Secrets to Surviving a Deathclaws Without Losing Your Dwellers 3 Incredible Secrets to Surviving a Deathclaws Without Losing Your Dwellers Reviewed by Expert on Sunday, July 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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