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4 Awesome Tips to Completing Quests in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter now has quests, which lets you send your vault dwellers on missions that allow you to collect rare resources and new characters for your vault. We go over some of the best tips to survive the quests and make out like a wasteland bandit.

How do I unlock Quests in Fallout Shelter?

Once you have at least 18 dwellers living in your vault, the Overseer's office is unlocked and can be built to enable new quest missions. To help you make the most of your Fallout Shelter quest experience, here are 4 tips to help you master Fallout quests.

How do Fallout Shelter Quests work?

You can select up to 3 vault dwellers to go on a quest mission, which will show up in the Overseer's office each day. Each mission has certain requirements and will only be available for vault dwellers who are at a certain level (e.g., level 2+). 
  • There are regular quest missions, which are one-off missions that help you obtain rare equipment or recover a special character back to your base.
  • There are special missions, which usually consist of inter-connected quests  and are usually harder to complete, but pay-off very well.
Fallout Shelter Quest selection
Your vault dwellers will no longer be available when on a quest, and you can use quantum cola to speed up the process of your vault dwellers travelling to the location. Of course, quantum cola is limited and costs real-world money to buy new items, so take stock in that.

Once your vault dwellers arrive in their location, you will be able to guide them through a building as they fight monsters like ghouls, radioactive ghouls, rad-scorpions and bandits.Along the way you'll even find resources and equipment, which will sparkle and require you to click them to collect them.

Quest Tip #1: Take Advantage of Critical Hits

When attacking enemies on a quest, every now and then you will have the opportunity to inflict a critical hit on an enemy. You will see a yellow check mark appear on the enemy, which you can click to activate a critical hit. A slide meter will appear and if you can click the meter just as it hits the middle, you will inflict the most damage (5x). Your damage multiplier will be highest if you can hit it closer to the center, otherwise you will end up with something between 1.5x to 3x.

Try to tap at the moment when the meter is on the most outer edge, since by the time you click on that it will be at the center again and more likely to get a 2.5+ damage multiplier.

Critical hits in Fallout Shelter only happen after you've been attacking an enemy for a few minutes, so you usually only get this on larger enemies like ghouls and armored bandits. You can influence your ability to get a critical hit by sending dwellers who have high Luck and Endurance stats.

Quest Tip #2: Take Care of Your Wasteland Warriors

When sending out your vault dwellers on a quest, make sure to give them plenty of RadAway and health packs, which can be used on  missions. Once on a quest, your dwellers can find health packs and RadAway, but they're actually quite rare during a mission.

You can actually use health packs and RadAway while on a quest, but only if you are not current under attack or attacking an enemy. Be sure to use your health packs to restore your vault dwellers before you put them in harm's way.

Quest Tip #3: Listen to Your Vault Dwellers to Learn of Dangers

Throughout the course of a Fallout Shelter quest, the dwellers you send will talk to each other and have conversations. If you're unsure of what to expect in the next room, leave your dwellers in the adjacent room and listen to what they talk about when left idle. 

Often, they will mention hearing growling or moaning, which is a strong indicator that the next room contains enemies and you might want to take the time to heal or repair them. In some cases, you can even avoid rooms by taking a detour using elevators or stairs where possible.

Quest Tip #4: Concentrate Fire

Some quests have boss enemies,which usually have  special power like radiation or have more hit points. Be sure to attack the bosses and get rid of them before going after the other enemies.

A somewhat hidden feature in Fallout Shelter quests is the ability to concentrate weapon fire on one particular enemy. During combat, click and hold on one of your vault dwellers and you should see a target symbol appear. Drag the target on the enemy you want that dweller to fire at and the target sign should turn red. Repeat this for all dwellers and they will attack the designated enemy with all their firepower.

This can eliminate the biggest damage dealers in the room, leaving you with a better chance of surviving.
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